Lunfardo Dictionary K


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Lunfardo Dictionary K

Welcome to the Lunfardo Dictionary K, your comprehensive guide to the Lunfardo language! On this page, dedicated to the letter “K,” you will find a ton of Lunfardo words, each followed by its meaning in standard Spanish and then translated into English for easy understanding.

Lunfardo Dictionary K – Words in Lunfardo, Spanish and English

Kaput: Acto final, terminación (English: Final act, termination)
Kilo, está un: Excelente (English: Excellent)
Kilombificar: Alborotar, complicar (English: Fuss, complicate)
Kilombo: Prostíbulo Desorden, lío (English: Prostitute Disorder, mess)
Kinotos: Testículos (English: Testicles)
Kukay: Avecilla Semejante al tordo (English: Thrush-like bird)