Maria Grana

Unveiling the Enchanting Journey of María Graña: “La Reina del Tango”


Born on June 16, 1953, in Buenos Aires, Argentina, María Graña has etched her name as one of the most ...

Alberto Arenas: “Adíos, Pampa Mía”


Who was Alberto Arenas Alberto Arenas, born Tomas Guida on September 25, 1910, in the Abasto neighborhood of Buenos Aires, ...

Carlos Dante-Public Domain Argentina

Carlos Dante: Famous Half of a Tango Duo


For many dancers, especially followers, when going to a milonga, they full indulge in the dance experience. The music is ...

Tania tango singer

Unveiling the Timeless Tango Legacy of Tania


Tania, an accomplished artist of her own standing, will always be remembered as part of a famous artistic Tango couple ...

Osvaldo Ribó: A great singer of Orquesta Típica Tanturi


Osvaldo Ribó s one of the less well-know singers of the Orchestra Ricardo Tanturi. While the early singers Enrique Campos ...

Remembering Myrna Mores: A Tango Legend’s Journey through Dance and Song


Many know Mariano Mores, the famous composer and orchestra director, who created his own Tango approach with mass appeal and ...

Julio Sosa

Dancing Through Time: The Tango Tale of Julio Sosa


Julio María Sosa Venturini, better known as Julio Sosa, “El varón del tango” (The man of tango), was maybe the ...

Dancing Through Time: Herminia Velich’s Tango Journey


In the rich tapestry of Argentine Tango, one name stands out as a luminous thread – Herminia Velich. Born in ...

Embracing the Essence of Argentine Tango: A Journey Through the Legacy of Floreal Ruiz


For those enchanted by the rhythmic embrace of Argentine Tango, exploring the rich history and contributions of iconic figures is ...

carlos gardel

Embracing the Essence of Carlos Gardel: A Journey into Tango Mastery


Carlos Gardel, born on December 11, 1890, in Toulouse, France, and raised in Buenos Aires, Argentina, is renowned as one ...

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