Angel Vargas

Ángel Vargas: The Nightingale of Buenos Aires Tango


Tango Singer Ángel Vargas, is an all-time favorite among tango dancers in Milongas all over the world. Born on October ...

Francisco Fiorentino

Francisco Fiorentino: The Golden Voice of Tango’s Golden Age


Life and Career of Francisco Fiorentino Francisco Fiorentino (1905-1955) was an Argentine tango singer who reached great popularity during the ...

Ada Falcon

Ada Falcón


Early Life Ada Falcón was born on August 17, 1905, on the estate “Los Paraísos” in Ituzaingó, Buenos Aires, Argentina. ...

Roberto Goyeneche: The Master Storyteller with the breaking voice


Introduction Roberto Goyeneche, affectionately known as El Polaco, was a figure of monumental significance in the world of Tango. His ...