Mariano Mores – Symphonic Tango


Mariano Mores was a unique persona in the world of Argentine tango, contributing to its development for almost a century. ...

Anibal Troilo

Embracing the Elegance: Aníbal Troilo and the World of Argentine Tango


For aficionados of Argentine Tango, but especially for experienced Tango dancers, the name Aníbal Troilo, affectionately nicknamed “Pichuco”, resonates as ...

Pedro Laurenz

Pedro Láurenz: Master of the restless Bandoneon


If you’re passionate about Argentine Tango, you’ve undoubtedly stumbled over the restless, energetic, often frantic bandoneon tunes of Pedro Láurenz, ...

Miguel Caló: Mastermind of the ‘Orquesta de las Estrellas’


Miguel Caló was the Director of one of the most significant orchestras of the classic era of Tango. He was ...

Tango Maestro Juan Félix Maglio “Pacho”: A Journey through Time


Argentine tango composer, bandoneonist, and orchestra director, Juan Félix Maglio, affectionately known as Pacho, was born on November 18, 1880, ...

Juan D'Arienzo

Exploring the Legacy of Juan D’Arienzo: The King of Rhythm


If you’re a devoted follower of Argentine Tango, you’ve likely encountered the rhythmic marvel that is Juan D’Arienzo. Born on ...

Dancing Through Time: The Tango Rhythms of Héctor Marcó


Argentine Tango, with its intricate steps and passionate embrace, has been captivating dancers worldwide for decades. In the heart of ...

Alfredo Bevilacqua: Pioneering the Tango Rhythms


Alfredo Bevilacqua was a pianist, composer, and orchestra director from Buenos Aires. He left a big mark on the early ...

Aquiles Roggero – Osmar Maderna and beyond


Born on March 12, 1913, in Pehuajó, Argentina, Aquiles Roggero is remembered for playing piano, directing, and working with some ...

Eduardo Armani

Embracing the Rhythmic Elegance: Eduardo Armani and the World of Argentine Tango


Welcome, passionate tango enthusiasts! In the heart of Buenos Aires, where the soulful notes of the bandoneón resonate through the ...

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