Lunfardo Dictionary I


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Lunfardo Dictionary I

Welcome to the Lunfardo Dictionary I, your comprehensive guide to the Lunfardo language! On this page, dedicated to the letter “I,” you will find a ton of Lunfardo words, each followed by its meaning in standard Spanish and then translated into English for easy understanding.

Lunfardo Dictionary I – Words in Lunfardo, Spanish and English

I.B.M.: Cabeza (English: Head)
Imbancable: Insoportable (English: Unbearable)
Impermeable: Preservativo (English: Condom)
Incendiar / incinerar: Denigrar (English: Denigrate)
Indiada: Pandilla (English: Gang)
Infante: Peatón (English: Pedestrian)
Inflado: Engreído / Fastidiado (English: Cocky / Annoyed)
Inflar: Hastiar, fastidiar (English: To annoy, to annoy)
Inflarse: Engreírse (English: Get smug)
Invernizzio: Sobretodo (English: Especially)
Isa: Atención (English: Attention)