Alejandro Romay

Alejandro Romay: Grandes Valores del Tango


Introduction There was a period in the development of Tango, when everyday dancing was on the decline, and Tango lost ...

Principe Cubano

Ángel Sánchez Carreño – The Príncipe Cubano of Chantecler Cabaret


A recurring motif in many Tango songs is the cabaret. The cabarets were nightclubs that had live orchestras playing tango ...

Sabina Olmos

Sabina Olmos: An actress that crossed the paths of the tango


In this article, we’ll explore the life and legacy of the iconic Sabina Olmos, a legendary figure in both the ...

Rosendo Mendizabal

Rosendo Mendizábal: Afro-American Tango roots “El entrerriano”


Rosendo Mendizábal, born on April 21, 1868, in Buenos Aires, Argentina, is one of the few Afro-Americans who are remembered ...

The 1940s in Argentina, Golden Age of Tango


The 1940s in Argentina, often referred to as the “Golden Age,” was a time of significant cultural flourishing, especially for ...

The “Sainete” – Early comedies pave the way to the Tango


The Argentine and Uruguayan theatrical tradition of the early 20th century is marked by two distinct genres: the “sainete criollo” ...